4 Quick Steps To Achieving Anything

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Today, I want to go over 4 quick steps you can do to achieve anything.

The first step is to make a decision. Now, a lot of people set goals but very few people make decisions and it’s really super important to be super clear on what it is you want.

Paint a graphic picture of what the thing is. The funny thing is when I ask people what they want, most of the time they say stuff like get out of debt, pay off my bills — they start with what they don’t want instead of saying what they want.

So the first step is paint a picture of exactly what it is that you want. It could be health, it could be money, it could be relationships; whatever it is spiritual. You name it. This process works for anything.

The second thing is to schedule time. Now, I use a process called time blocking. Now time blocking is the process of taking a section of time, getting rid of all distractions, getting rid of the phone, getting rid of everything and being completely present in the task.

You’d be shocked at how much progress you can make if you give one thing your sole undivided attention. If it’s a big old and you only take 15 minutes a day and you time block and you make progress just 15 minutes a day, you’ll be shocked at how much progress you can make overtime.

The third thing third step is focus on just 2 activities that create results. I don’t care what you do, if you boil down any job, any project, anything usually there’s only one, two or three things that create 90% of the results.

Focus on just those results producing activities.

And the fourth thing is measure the results. A coach of mine used to hammer it into my head. Anything that can be measured must be measured. Now the act of measurement actually changes the result.

It gives you progress towards getting the thing that you want. And just by keeping track of the results and measuring, it’s going to change your behavior towards the activity; it’s going to change your activity towards the goal that you want to achieve or the thing that you want to create.

So anyway, I hope this helped. I created a cheat sheet for you (SEE BELOW); if you want you can have it for free. I would take this cheat sheet, print it out and keep it wherever you can and it will keep you on track.

It’s a really cool cheat sheet and I think it will really help you.

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Lanny Morton

Lanny Morton has been featured In Entrepreneur magazine twice and accepted the lifetime achievement award at the Webby awards on behalf of eBay. Lanny has also been responsible for generating ver $40,000,000 in internet sales. Get the latest life changing strategies from Lanny by downloading this CHEAT SHEET below...