3 Quick Steps To Aquire The Perfect Customer Using Facebook Ads

I want to go over 3 quick steps you can do to achieve customer acquisition in ANY business using Facebook Ads.

The first step is to clearly define who is your perfect customer. A lot of people waste money and time on marketing to people who have no interest in their product.  It’s really super important to be super clear on who this person is.

Paint a graphic picture of the life of this person.  Is there a particular TV show they like?  Is there a book that they read?  How Old Are they?  How much money do they make?  The funny thing is when I ask people what kind of customer do they want,  they start with what they don’t want instead of saying what they want.  If you can land on the person who is your perfect customer,  finding them is easy an inexpensive.

Targeting the Wrong customer will cost you a lot of money and waste a lot of your time.

The second thing is to go into power editor using the google chrome web browser..

All of your work should be done here.  Power editor gives access to more advanced marketing and saves a lot of time.

The third thing third step is create a campaign.  Your Facebook Marketing is organized into 3 layers.

Campaigns —>  Ad Sets —->  Ads

This Video Focuses on the Ad Sets.  Ad Sets Determine who you target.  Being Hyper targeted on your Facebook Ad Sets is the equivalent of using a sniper rifle vs. a shot gun.

Watch the video and let me know if you have any questions.

I created a cheat sheet for you that deals in a very powerful Success Process that can be used to achieve results in anything (SEE BELOW); if you want you can have it for free. I would take this cheat sheet, print it out and keep it wherever you can and it will keep you on track.

It’s a really cool cheat sheet and I think it will really help you.

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Lanny Morton

Lanny Morton has been featured In Entrepreneur magazine twice and accepted the lifetime achievement award at the Webby awards on behalf of eBay. Lanny has also been responsible for generating ver $40,000,000 in internet sales. Get the latest life changing strategies from Lanny by downloading this CHEAT SHEET below...